Medical and Business Training Associates

Mission Statement

Medical and Business Training Associates (M&BTA) believes education is a learned behavior allowing an individual to develop mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We value education and know that in today’s society securing a quality education is beyond the reach of many individuals for a number of reasons. We also understand the desire to attend a two year or four year accredited college may not be the vision for some, particularly, the adult Learner. Therefore, it is our goal to provide a more efficient and shorter pathway to an education developing skill sets without compromising the quality and information found in an accredited learning environment. 

We teach from many of the same textbooks, have qualified and certified Instructors to prepare you for various certifications but offer shorter timelines for you to achieve your goals. We want our students to feel confident acquiring certification from M&BTA and know that the Certificate we help you acquire will allow you to compete in any workplace setting. We will prepare you to sit for proctored exams from Testing Centers anywhere in the United States. We also guarantee that our Instructors will work with you to ensure national certification in the healthcare industry from the American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC), the National Healthcare Association (NHA) and certification in Microsoft from any of their Office Suite or IT Applications.