Medical and Business Training Associates


  1. If I am enrolled in the Healthcare Curriculum can I take Business or Individual Courses and still receive certification in all three?

  • The answer is YES! If you are employed you should discuss with your employer what their immediate needs are for their practice. The training you receive with the Microsoft Office Suite can be used in any industry and put you on the “Fast Track” for upward mobility. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the leading IT certification in the world.

  1. How much is this training going to cost?

  • Each course

  1. Do I have to pay the full price for the course upfront?

  • It is preferred; however, our billing department will work out a payment plan for you.

  1. How long is each training Bundle or Course Completion?

  • Depends

  1. How many Certificates will I receive?

  • Two (One from M&BTA and one from the certifying entity for your chosen curriculum/course.

  1. How many Certificates can I receive from M&BTA?

  1. Are these Certifications recognized in the United States and Globally?

  • Yes

  1. Do you offer OnLine Group Lessons?

  • Yes, In our Business Solutions Department we can customize a program for you.

  1. What if I want an accelerated program?

  • We can customize a program to meet your accelerated class schedules. We do 8 hour day or night classes online or onsite.

  1. What happens if I cannot make an Online Training Session?

  • If it is a planned absence, you should work with your Instructor.
  • If it is not a planned absence, you should still work with your Instructor to complete any missed assignments.All classes are recorded.
  • Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions on this Website when you register.

  1. What if I want a Refund?

  • Money can be refunded only under certain conditions and within the designated time frame.. Read the Terms and Conditions on this Website.
  • If you need to speak with someone prior to the start of a class for further explanation, you may contact the Billing Department: at 855-282-6282 Ext 101

  1. Once I am enrolled in a class and my work schedule or availability changes, can I withdraw or be placed in a different time slot?
  • Yes, we can make the necessary adjustments.