Medical and Business Training Associates

About M&BTA

Our goal is to support individuals who want to develop skills for this new millennium. We train and help Students and Clients who want to pursue Certification. We can customize an individualized program to meet your needs or teach a group of 20 or more online students to develop new skills. We also render services to small-and medium-sized businesses in the healthcare, public and private sectors. We offer the following: 

  • eLearning opportunities (Self-Paced)
  • Soft Skills Training  (Individuals and Businesses-Instructor Lead Online)
  • Healthcare Training (Self-paced, Instructor Lead, Onsite in Ambulatory Settings or  Hospital Facilities)
  • Microsoft Office Suite Training (Self-Paced or Classes taught by Certified Instructors)
  • Instructor Lead Classes (Online and Onsite Training-Location Available and Negotiable)

M&BTA understands the frustration of lack of work or needing the credentials to move to the next level in a workplace setting. Our main focus is to create an opportunity for individuals to learn or update skills, prepare to sit for Exams that will give you National Certification with Certificates in:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft)
  • NHA (National Healthcare Association)
  • AAPC (American Academy Procedural Coders)

M&BTA is a Training and Development Company with an online curriculum designed to help the Adult Learner prepare for National Certificates or for Individuals to develop a new and exciting set of skills. 

M&BTA was formed in 2010 on paper as a dream by the Owner and Senior Consultant Lora Maynor. The State of Michigan, in its glory days, was the automotive capital of the world. It had been hard hit with the spiraling downward economy and its rippling effects to all businesses and industries in this geographic area. Unwilling to accept the fact there were 
not employment opportunities and having personally experienced the downsizing of an American job, M&BTA was created to address many issues faced by most individuals caught in the breakdown of the American employment infrastructure. 

Most people were affected by the outsourcing or offshoring of many jobs in the United States. Many were caught unprepared and lacking the skills to transition into new careers. M&BTA's primary focus was, and still is, the Adult Learner in transition, but not totally limited to this target population. We feel that learning can take place 
anywhere, with any medium, at any age. We offer tutorial and blended learning opportunities for the Adult learner, Senior Citizens, recent High School Graduates and Businesses on a global scale.